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Agony of goose trapped in fishing line From Lancashire Telegraph

It is feared the goose may Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Black Nz Sale lose its right leg if it cannot be reached and the Friends of Bold Venture Park group have reminded visitors that fishing in the park is banned.Julie Manton, secretary of the Friends, said: "We'd prefer people not to fish in the lake because of the harm that can come to the birds and there is a sign up saying 'No Fishing'."There are ducks and ducklings, geese and Canada geese there now."The RSPCA has been out twice to try to capture it and a couple of us from the Friends tried to catch it on Friday and three others tried on Saturday but it's so spooked now it just flies into the"The problem is that the blood supply to the leg is being cut off and it might lose its leg."Eileen Bentley, 57, of Manor Road has been feeding the goose and has tried to catch it, without success. She said she often saw illegal fishing last summer.She said: "I've seen children there and they know they are not allowed to fish. The goose can hop but its leg is now red and swollen."It was pecking at its leg the other day. It's heartbeaking."Last summer there were children there every night and it could happen again this summer although there is a sign in the water this year saying No Fishing' so maybe that will help."A spokesperson for the RSPCA appealed to residents to listen to the plea by the friends' group.He said: "RSPCA officers have been trying to catch and help the goose on the lake since May 8 but it has so far managed to avoid capture."Officers will continue to monitor the situation and hope to be able to help the bird before any more damage is done, but we would appeal to fisherman to be aware of the danger of discarding.

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Black Nz Sale

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It's been just a year since US Airways Flight 1549 inadvertently rendezvoused with a flock of Canada geese, sending the Airbus A320 splashing into what everyone now calls the "miracle on the Hudson." (And the geese into the great beyond.)

Wildlife populations growingBut officials also report steady increases in wildlife populations. In a report for 1990 2008, the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Department of Agriculture write:

"She's chased flocks of geese into the water," said Bob Hood, the airport's wildlife manager. "She's really good at her job and she really likes her job.".

Reported incidents include deer and coyotes on runways, but 98 percent involve birds.

Particularly since US Airways Flight 1549's water landing last January focused attention on the problem, pilots and air traffic controllers have been more inclined to report incidents involving birds and other wildlife.

(Personal note: As a student naval aviator on a solo flight in a jet trainer in Mississippi, I narrowly missed a deer that had jumped the fence and wandered onto the runway as I accelerated for takeoff. It came close to being a very bad day for both of us. Years later, when I was Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Red New Zealand on the Monitor's "Small Plane, Big Planet" aerial adventure, we had to abort the landing of our small Cessna when a herd of zebra ambled across a dirt runway in Namibia.)

Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka Red New Zealand

Hero captain Chesley Sullenberger, his flight crew, and some of the passengers got together in New York Friday for a joyous and emotional reunion. Some were more than a little nervous as they rode a ferry out to that spot on the Hudson where their aircraft suddenly became a sinking vessel. At least eight people died, and six more were hurt.

The Southwest Oregon Regional Airport in North Bend, Ore., hired Filly a border collie whose official title is "wildlife management canine."

New York's Kennedy Airport reports the most number of bird strikes. Sacramento International Airport in California (which is along the Pacific Flyway for migratory birds) also has a high number of reported bird strikes.

If a 12 pound goose strikes an airliner going 150 miles per hour at lift off, the force would be that of a 1,000 pound weight dropped from a height of 10 feet, according to the FAA.

After US Airways 'miracle on the Hudson

"Many populations of wildlife species commonly involved in strikes have increased markedly in the last few decades and adapted to living in urban environments, including airports. For example, from 1980 to 2007, the resident (non migratory) Canada goose population in the USA and Canada increased at a mean rate of 7.3 percent per year. Other species showing significant mean annual rates of increase included bald eagles (4.6 percent), wild turkeys (12.1 percent), turkey vultures (2.2 percent), American white pelicans (2.9 percent), double crested cormorants (4.0 percent), and sandhill cranes (5.0 percent). Thirteen of the 14 bird species in North America with mean body masses greater than 8 lbs have shown significant population increases over the past three decades. The white tailed deer population increased from a low of about 350,000 in 1900 to over 30 million in the past decade."

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Trojans And Panthers Unite In Thanking Fred Skillern

The special teal season is set for Sept. 5 20 with a daily bag limit of four and a possession limit of eight.

Star Party Will Be Held Oct. 22 At Cloudland Canyon State Park

"Teal numbers are up this year so we hope that the cooler weather they've had this summer up north will mean more birds in our area when the early season opens," Hayden said.

Brown Middle School Principal Suspended Without Pay Over Unspecified Personnel Issue

The first segment of the statewide fall Canada goose season will run Oct. 8 25, while the northwest Canada goose zone dates are Oct. 8 12. The 2016 17 Tennessee Waterfowl Hunting Guide printed version had the dates incorrectly listed as Oct. 8 12 for the statewide zone. Following the opening segment, other statewide Canada goose zone dates are Nov. 26 27 and Dec. 3 Jan. 29, . (click for more)

For the regular waterfowl seasons, the seasons for ducks, coots and mergansers are Nov. 27 28 and Dec. 5 Jan. 31.

Latest Hamilton County Jail Booking Report

Waterfowlers get their first opportunity in the field with the special Canada goose season, which runs Sept. 1 15. The bag limit is five per day with 10 in possession.

The liberal bag limit is still in effect, although the limits on several species have changed. Hunters may take six ducks per day with no more than four mallards, only two of which may be female. The bag limits on other species are: 3 wood ducks, 1 mottled duck, 1 black duck, 2 redheads, 1 pintail, 2 scaup and 1 canvasback. Last year canvasback harvest was prohibited. However, Hayden said the population has recovered enough to allow one canvasback in the bag limit.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is soliciting comments for its 2017 18 waterfowl and other migratory bird hunting regulations, including sandhill cranes. This is an opportunity for the public to provide ideas and share concerns about hunting regulations with TWRA staff. The comment period is open Oct. 15 Nov. 15, 2016. Due to recent changes in the timing of the federal . (click for more)

The goose seasons are Sept. 26 Oct. 7 and Dec. 5 Jan. 31. The daily bag limit is 5 with no more than 2 Canada geese or 2 white fronted geese. The possession limit of 5 shall include no more than 4 Canada geese and white fronted geese in aggregate.

Man Shot On Houston Street Late Friday Night

"Water conditions have been good this year," Hayden said. "I'm optimistic that we've had good food production. Hopefully there will be a lot of seed and good mast crop with plenty of acorns for the birds. We've still got August, September and October to go through, and we could have some dry periods, but it looks good now."

A man was shot on Houston Street late Friday night. , Chattanooga Police responded to a person shot at the 1200 block of Houston Street. Police were called to a disorder and heard gunfire in the area. Officers located and assisted a man suffering from a gunshot wound. The victim was transported to a local hospital by Hamilton County . on Friday, in a hazardous materials incident. The employee was reportedly filling a large, plastic container with a hazardous substance when the chemical splashed onto him. Fellow employees at the plant got the victim away from the container and called 911. The Chattanooga . (click for more)

Alabama Habitat Conditions Favorable for Cheap Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Green Nz Waterfowl Season

Cheap Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Green Nz

The use of non toxic shot is required for waterfowl hunting in Alabama. A valid hunting license and state and federal waterfowl stamps are required, as well as a Harvest Information Program (HIP) permit. Shooting hours are one half hour before sunrise to sunset statewide except for the area of the Mobile Tensaw Delta north of Battleship Parkway, west of Alabama Highway 225, south of the CSX Railroad tracks, and east of the west bank of the Mobile River. In that area of the Delta, shooting hours are one half before sunrise until 12 noon Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday shooting hours will be one half hour before sunrise until sunset.1st Segment Of Fall Canada Goose Season Is Oct. 8 25

Oct. 19 Is Deadline To Submit Comments For 2017 18 Sport Fish Regulations

David Hayden, waterfowl expert with the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources' Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division, said abundant rainfall throughout the nesting areas, as well as along the Central Flyway, has improved the habitat significantly.

Evans Picks Up For Race Against Gilbert In City Council District 5

Sheriff's Office Warns Of Scam About Jury Duty Or Bond Fees

The faculties and students of both Soddy Daisy and Sale Creek High Schools would like to publicly thank former Commissioner Fred Skillern for his very generous donations from his commissioner retroactive pay to the two high schools. Once again, Mr. Skillern came through for the schools in his district as he did for so many years. Thank you, Mr. Skillern. Soddy . (click for more)

TWRA Requests Public Input For 2017 18 Waterfowl And Other Migratory Bird Hunting Seasons

Outdoor Chattanooga News And Events

Conditions for a successful waterfowl season for Alabama hunters appear to be excellent as the special early teal and goose seasons approach.

TVA Invites Public To View Aquatic Health Surveys

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The Transportation Security Administration is in the process of completing a security review of Cuban airports expected to have direct flights to the United States, and it is working with the Cuban government to schedule and complete the security assessment of any additional airports that propose to begin service, the agency said.

"We have been working for months on this plan," Galo Beltran, Cuba country manager for American Airlines, told The Associated Press this week during the trip to Havana. "For us, it is going to be fairly easy because of the experience we have."

Most of the airline service is expected to begin this fall and early winter, the department said.

Currently, 46 airlines fly to Cuba, including Air France, Aeromexico, KLM, Air Canada, Aeroflot and Iberia.

Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Nz Online

The airlines American, Frontier, JetBlue, Silver Airways, Southwest and Sun Country were approved by the Department of Transportation for a total of 155 roundtrip flights per week. cities to nine cities in Cuba other than Havana. law still prohibits tourist travel to Cuba, but a dozen other categories of travel are permitted, including family visits, official business, journalist visits, professional meetings and educational and religious activities. The Obama administration has eased rules to the point where travellers are now free to design their own "people to people" cultural exchanges with little oversight.

All flights currently operating between the two countries are charters, but the agreement the administration signed with Cuba in February allows for up to 110 additional flights more than five times the current charter operations.

American Airlines has been the most aggressive in its approach, requesting more than half the possible slots to Havana Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Nz Online plus service to five smaller Cuban cities. The airline has a large hub in Miami, home to the largest Cuban American population. The Fort Worth, Texas based airline has also been flying on behalf of charter companies for the longest time, since 1991. For instance, American had a number of meetings this week in Havana with Cuban aviation and banking officials.

to Cuba for the first time in more than five decades, another milestone in President Barack Obama's campaign to normalize relations between Cold War foes.

Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Nz Online

airlines to start scheduled flights to Cuba this fall

Approval is still required by the Cuban government, but the carriers say they plan to start selling tickets in the next few weeks while they wait for signoffs from Cuba.

Cuba already has seen dramatic growth in flights. Last year, it saw 18 per cent more passengers than in 2014, according to government aviation officials.

Cuban aviation officials say they are ready for the extra flights but that questions remain, especially at Havana, about where the additional planes will park.

More than a year ago, Obama announced it was time to "begin a new journey" with the communist country. "Today we are delivering on his promise," said Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. agreement with Cuba. A decision on Havana routes is expected later this summer. airlines in flying to Cuban locations other than Havana. The routes include service from Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The Cuban destinations are Camaguey, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo, Cienfuegos, Holguin, Manzanillo, Matanzas, Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba.

Prices for an hourlong charter flight now are about $500. Commercial airlines will probably offer flights for significantly less, although none has publicly discussed pricing. The check in process for charters is also a cumbersome one, and the companies lack the traditional supports of commercial aviation such as online booking and 24 hour customer service.

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The USA forces surrounding the Davidian armed encampment played satanic chants, heavy metal satanic music and the screams of rabbits being tortured. They claimed this was to weaken the will of the Davidians and get them to surrender. This satanic stuff is being done this very day to victims within the American gulag system. Sexual torture and satanic games are played out with our captives in Iraq and Afghanistan and this is fueling their hatred towards us Women Canada Goose Snow Mantra Berry Nz Online and we now have to pretend to be pious and good.

This is too sad: many a satanic ritualist has committed mass murder and serial murders since then. Indeed, like the ruling elites, they know that if they call upon the Devil that is Death that the Skull and Bones worship at Yale, It will order them to kill, rape and destroy. Many a madman playing various satanic ritualist games has followed this path. They love it. It is very popular with Hollywood and the media. Mixing murder with religion is very potent and most people egging themselves into becoming criminals are very attracted to satanistic practices which is why our own rulers are addicted to this. He coined his name in a series of taunting letters he sent to the press until 1974. His letters included four cryptograms or ciphers, three of which have yet to be solved.

Here is the most popular best seller ever, the one about the Tate Murders by Charlie Manson:Charles Manson's grandiose scheme for achieving ultimate power through Helter Skelter achieved nothing but the vicious, brutal stabbing deaths of seven innocent people, giving him the reputation of being one of America's most heinous mass murderers. When the California Supreme Court overturned the death penalty a year later, the five murderers' sentences were reduced to life in prison. This made them eligible for parole, though the horrendous nature of their crimes has prevented that. Manson was turned down for the tenth time in 2002.

But to explain this killing spree, Life Magazine decided it was us teens drag racing on Speedway Blvd. I was only 14 years old and two years away from my own speed racing career on that infamous street but the whole nation was agast at how nasty it was to drag race in Tucson which caused a flood of drag racers from California and Texas to pour in to test us out and we had many a merry night afterwards. I had an older brother doing this and I could hitch a ride with someone and take part as a passenger.

On the night of May 15, he persuaded John Saunders and Mary Rae French to go with him while he raped and killed Alleen Rowe in the desert. He buried her there in the sand and even bragged about it afterward, but no one reported it.

The following summer, Schmid strangled two girls and buried them out in the desert as well. Having gotten away with it once, he figured he was immune, so he took his buddy Richard Bruns out to see what he had done. This was Schmid's way of getting compliance while bragging about what he'd done. If someone saw the body and did nothing about it, he was part of the team.

From Serial Killers and Mass Murderers:When Charles Schmid, 23, started killing high school girls in Tucson, Arizona, in 1964, he got two people to go along with him. Self conscious about his short stature, he strutted around in boots stuffed with newspapers and tin cans. He also wore make up and tried to look like Elvis Presley. People viewed him as an eccentric character, but girls were easily enamored of him.

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In his afterword which culminates the 25th Anniversary Edition of Helter Skelter, Bugliosi notes that carnage by demented killers hardly shocks the public any longer. We can only hope that the ensuing years will be the same."

The killer's identity remains unknown. The San Francisco Police Department marked its investigation "inactive" in April 2004 and reopened it some time before March 2007. The case remains open in other jurisdictions as well.

The Zodiac murdered five known victims in Benicia, Vallejo, Lake Berryessa, and San Francisco between December 1968 and October 1969. Four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29 were targeted. Others have been inconclusively proposed to be Zodiac victims as well.

Americans Love Mass Murder

The people of the USA have increased spending on 'Homeland Security' to the point that America is more like the Soviet Union than the USA. This hasn't made us much safer simply because anyone who wants can go forth and murder masses of people all too easily. Our culture eggs unstable people into doing this by feeding us nonstop murder, sexual violence and survival of the fittest garbage. This permeates our brains and our culture. Just watching the ads for TV shows can be sickening. Yet supposedly 'normal' people not only watch this junk, they dream it at night for TV imprints itself upon the visual parts of the brain and then the brain toys with this at night, this is the 'Id' part Freud talked about but we are supposed to ignore today. From its inception in the 1930s, the Shepherd's Rod inherited Adventism's apocalypticism, in that they believed themselves to be living in a time when Christian prophecies of a final divine judgment were coming to pass. They are best known for the 1993 siege of their Center near Waco, Texas, by the ATF and the FBI, which resulted in the deaths of eighty two of the church's members, including head figure David Koresh. However, by the time of the siege, Koresh had encouraged his followers to think of themselves as "students of the Seven Seals" rather than as "Branch Davidians," and other Branch Davidian factions never accepted his leadership.

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"Recent stock market volatility and elevated household debt could also dampen sales," he said.

There will be nothing Grinchy about Albertans' spending this holiday season.

Albertans Plan To Spend The Most The Holiday Season

Twenty one per cent said they will spend more, which 60 per cent said they anticipate spending a similar Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka White New Zealand amount to last year.

Albertans plan to shell out the most cash of all Canadians this year, according to a recent Bank of Montreal survey, with the average person predicting they'll spend approximately $1,947 over the holiday season.

Women Canada Goose Victoria Parka White New Zealand

Sal Guatieri, a senior economist with BMO Capital Markets, said the plan to spend less is, in many cases, tied to slower job growth across the country.

However, a survey released Thursday by Accenture contradicted BMO's poll, instead finding that only 19 per cent of Canadians plan to spend less this holiday.

The Accenture study comprised findings following an online poll of 1,200 Canadian adults in Calgary, Toronto and Montreal in September. The BMO study used survey results from Pollara of 1,005 Canadian adults between Oct. 14 and Oct. 16.

This year, Canadians plan to spend most of their holiday money on gifts ($441) and travel ($677). They'll spend another $211 on entertaining and $79 on other holiday expenses, such as decorating.

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User eagleboyrox disagrees with the council's idea:

"Why don't why also have an ordinance to make fish stop swimming, dogs stop walking, cats stop scratching and all birds stop flying? Birds poop just like every other animal. My children like when we walk them down to the river to feed the ducks and geese. We drive them everywhere else. An ordinance isn't going to stop me and you can fine me all you want. Birds have been pooping since the dawn of time and a stupid ordinance isn't going to stop it. You can't control where a wild animal deficates and if people aren't feeding them, I'm sure they are more than capable of feeding themselves. I'd also like to know if my tax money went towards having some guy follow one of these birds around all day and then weighing it's poop. Who came up this this one pound figure?"

and an ordinance isn't going to stop it

Cheap Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka White Nz

A Canada goose stands in the rain Monday near Monocacy Creek in Bethlehem TMs Johnston Park, where anglers tried their luck. Express Times Photo JOE GILLEaston City Council is looking to quell a goose poop problem that has cropped up in Cheap Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka White Nz the city's parks. Council's solution, proposed Wednesday, is an ordinance that would outlaw the feeding of wild or feral animals in parks or on city owned property.

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And I don think that she will come close to winning a Cup race this year. But the fact that she won this pole does signify that she coming along. And while there are some fans that have said she would NEVER win a Sprint Cup race, I disagree. I think she will wind up in victory lane, eventually.

Like any athlete who popular for reasons other than their performance on the court, the issue people have with Danica is that she hasn done ANYTHING on the track to deserve all the attention.

Kevin Harvick will win plenty of races, but fall short again. Harv is becoming the best driver not to have won a championship. Something always keeps him just a little bit short. And it will again.

We haven even had the first points race yet, and NASCAR fans are all ready sick of the Danica Patrick coverage. The question is. how long will it last?

Brad Keselowski will regress. I not saying that he not a talented driver. But it happens all the time young guys win a championship, and they rest on their laurels the following year. LOTS Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hyachinth Nz Online went right for Kes last year, and he a talented guy, but I can see him getting the breaks again.

Kyle Busch will win the 2013 Sprint Cup. After an awful 2012 season, Rowdy figures it out, and now in the strongest stable in the garage, he the surprise strongest car. Add the fowl, soup in addition to lemon juice, getting with a steam.

My partner and i surfed Dana Level the past period in the actual past due summer season of 1967. When i bear in mind, it was the actual end of the week ahead of many people sealed the actual and began creating the breakwater. My spouse and i continue to have 8mm home movies (at this point on Dvd movie) of the situation. It had been small, dull as well as congested. Every person there was making an attempt for a previous go out. In .

Other thoughts about the upcoming season:

JGR will dominate. Adding Matt Kenseth to the stable will elevate all of Gibbs racing. JGR will win more races than any other team, including Hendrick.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. will not be a factor. He might make the Chase, but I sick of predicting that he is going to get back into contention. I just done with him.

Women Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Hyachinth Nz Online

The question really is, what sort of a leap does she make this season, running Cup full time? Last year in this blog, I projected that she would win a Nationwide race. She never really came close.

So for all of you NASCAR fans who are sick of Danica, she not going away. But midway through the season, when she 26th in points, she won nearly dominate the headlines like she doing now.

2013 NASCAR Preview

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all Canada Goose Expedition Nz Online the signs that fall is on the way

One morning you walk out in the woods and the air will feel colder. The duck pond will be covered with skim ice. The ground, nearly white with frost, will crunch under your feet. A brisk, dry northwest wind will blow through, shaking trees and sending crimson maple leaves tumbling in torrents. In just a few days the branches will be bare. The woods and the season will seem different.

You could spend a morning in the marsh shooting black ducks, mallards and woodies, and the afternoon trudging through alder runs and aspen ridges for grouse and woodcock. In between, or instead, you could try to break up a fall flock of turkeys, then lure them back in with an assembly call or some plaintive kee kee runs.

Autumn has a tale to tell, and like every good story there a beginning, a middle and an end.

Others, like the deer hunters, are focusing on the first and last hour of daylight in the expanded archery zones while waterfowlers try to trim the Canada goose population. A few may even seek more eclectic wingshooting in the way of snipe and rails. And some will try more traditional endeavors like bears over bait.

Or you might opt for an afternoon in a bow stand with the archery season for deer now open statewide. Cold weather has stirred the deer into moving later in the morning and earlier in the afternoon as they suddenly recognize the urgency of laying on calories before winter. Peak breeding is still a few weeks off but the rut has begun with bucks opening and tending their scrapes and searching for an early doe.

Some folks don even recognize early autumn arrival. Others measure it with chronological events like Labor Day, the kids return to school or the autumnal equinox. Some will sit on the sidelines of a soccer field in a T shirt and shorts, playing one last round of 18 holes, slipping up the local creek with a fish pole and a dozen crawlers or casting for stripers fattening up before their journey south.

Up north the pace of change picks up. Leaves are turning color. Frosts come more regularly. The moose rut is beginning. One day the morning stillness is broken by the deep, gutteral grunts of a pair of bellicose bulls challenging each other for the breeding rights to a cow and signaling the beginning of the end to early autumn.

Temperatures are typically warm, except for a few cold hours at the beginning and end of the hunting day. Mosquitoes and black flies still rule the woods and swamps, and the forest canopy carries a dense green foliage. But in the bottoms and swamp margins, red maple leaves are already hinting at the changes to come.

The 11th month, which came in with cold nights, warm days and rain, now offers only cold, deep bone biting cold, and snow. The whitetail rut and the regular firearms season are both peaking, and more hunters are in the woods than any other time of the year. Success will bring an early end to the season for some while others will continue through this season and into the next. December brings a last chance at whitetails in the muzzleloader season, and a transition from fall to winter. He can be reached at:.

Canada Goose Expedition Nz Online

Mid autumn is what most folks visualize when they think of fall. Green is gone from deciduous trees and their leaves now iridesce with an array of reds, yellows and oranges. Frosts are nightly and deeper, replacing the dawn dew with a hoary coating of crystals. These are the days that stir a hunter blood and offer the most variety.

Late autumn is a cold and colorless time. Most of the leaves have fallen and what few remain are the same pale beige as those that lie on the forest floor. Snow will fall soon, if it hasn already, and then will accumulate. The ponds are frozen and the puddle ducks have moved to the coast or left for southern climes. The woodcock, snipe and rails are also gone, and the turkeys are bunching up around dairy farms and backyard bird feeders.

Canada Goose Discount Chateau Parka New Zealand

on 9/5/12 at 5:20

talktotenn . oh, after a bit of thought, your point is that Democrats are better crooks than Republicans because they don't get prosecuted? Sitting President that had at the very least an inappropriate relationship, or maybe his cigar did, and lied about it udner oath, with a Whitehouse intern . Hint Lewinski . and wrote a book to help finance his legal bill.


"All major news media outlets are going to be sent an encrypted copy of the most recent tax years that your company had on file since you did not have them all in a convenient electronic form. The years before 2010 will be of great interest to many. If the parties interested do not want the encrypted key released to the public to unlock these documents on September 28 of this year then payment will be necessary.

The ignorance diplayed here is mind blowing and is testimony to how poorly the public school system has done to teach even the basic principles of common sense.

Willard has something to hide, obviously, or he would not hesitate to share this information.


No matter what these clowns release it can only be confirmed by 2 sources, the IRS which of course will not confirm or deny anything to do with anyones records or Romney who also will not have a comment on this nonsense.

The deal is quite simple. Convert $1,000,000 USD to Bitcoins (Google if if you need a lesson on what Bitcoin is) using the various markets available out in the world for buying. Transfer the Bitcoins gathered to the Bitcoin address listed below. It does not matter if small amounts or one large amount is transferred, as long as the final value of the Bitcoins is equal to $1,000,000 USD at the time when it is finished. The keys to unlock the data will be purged and what ever is inside the documents will remain a secret forever.

As much as I would like to believe rock solid, actionable evidence was at hand to not only prove Willard guilty of tax evasion, and initiate legal action, I am suspicious of the circumstances.

Much like the highly trumpeted, but never produced evidence of President Obama's alleged ineligibility, this may be so much smoke and mirrors.

Perhaps he is afraid if the working class realized how much money he made from their sweat and how little tax was paid, his election chance would be so far down the toilet, even Roto Rooter couldn't help.

An anonymous individual or group is alleging that they have gained "all available 1040 tax forms" of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney by accessing computers in the Franklin office of the professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

I can create one in about 10 minutes with any tax preperation software.

I'm sure Willard is guilty of some inappropriate dealings involving money and taxes, but this is not the way to reveal the truth.

Bitcoin Address to Stop Release: [redacted]

Canada Goose Discount Chateau Parka New Zealand

"Romney's 1040 tax returns were taken from the PWC office 8/25/2012 by gaining access to the third floor via a gentleman working on the 3rd floor of the building. Once on the 3rd floor, the team moved down the stairs to the 2nd floor and setup shop in an empty office room. During the night, suite 260 was entered, and all available 1040 tax forms for Romney were copied. A package was sent to the PWC on suite 260 with a flash drive containing a copy of the 1040 files, plus copies were sent to the Democratic office in the county and copies were sent to the GOP office in the county at the beginning of the week also containing flash drives with copies of Romney's tax returns before 2010. A scanned signature image for Mitt Romney from the 1040 forms were scanned and included with the packages, taken from earlier 1040 tax forms gathered and stored on the flash drives.


And the same time, the other interested parties will be allowed to compete with you. For those that DO want the documents released will have an different address to send to. If $1,000,000 USD is sent to this account below first; then the encryption keys will be made available to the world right away. So this is an equal opportunity for the documents to remain locked away forever or to be exposed before the September 28 deadline.

Who ever is the winner does not matter to us."

The City Paper has been unable to independently confirm whether the county officials or PricewaterhouseCoopers have received packages. Federal law enforcement personnel would not confirm or deny an ongoing investigation into the matter.

Failure to do this before September 28, the entire world will be allowed to view the documents with a publicly released key to unlock everything.

And if Canada Goose Discount Chateau Parka New Zealand Romney is guily of tax fraud WHY hasn't the IRS chaarged or even investigated him all these years? Not even ONCE has a question been fraised by the IRS about any of his returns and suddenly because Obama is losing in the race to get re elected, Romney is a tax cheat?


An anonymous posting on a text sharing website states that PwC has been hacked. This same website has been used by hackers who have claimed to have infiltrated computers from companies like Apple in the past.

Anonymous group allegedly hacked Romney tax records via Franklin firm

A follow up letter was also posted that states:

on 9/5/12 at 5:11

The group will release all available files to the public on the 28 of September, 2012."