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A Canada goose, recovering from a shotgun wound inflicted last fall, is recuperating in its own quarters inside the deer pen.

But surrogate motherhood is a role Lacy knows well. She has taken it upon herself to mother other animals, including baby fox and raccoon. After all, she was a wonderful mother to her own puppies, and now other animals seem to sense that.

While 140 birds and other animals resided at one time or another last year with the Thomases, Rocky the flying squirrel stays pretty much to himself in his cage in their kitchen until he is let out to fly around the house. Rocky lost the toes on a back foot when his tree nest was destroyed by a chain saw, killing the rest of his family. He catches rides on Lacy back and runs up and down her body while she is resting.

While the mood is playful, the Thomases wonder what will happen to Butthead when spring comes. The tame buck would be an easy target for hunters, Rebecca Thomas fears.

Thomas carefully slipped a bottle under Lacy, and the deer accepted it. This pattern continued for a couple of days until the deer began to rely on the bottle. A husky 7 month old now, he still stays close to Lacy, romping with her, nuzzling and comically still trying to nurse.

A red squirrel took up residence in the attic of the house when the other six in his family went out on their own.

took the instructions, too, Lee reported after his mother said, think he is building a house up there. The bandit also is away cigarette lighters, said Shane Thomas.

try to keep them wild, said Shane Thomas. has a wild instinct, and unless you blow it, they will go back into the wild. as the deer was named, plays an amusing game with Shane Thomas and others who don fear the sharp protrusions of beginning antlers.

On command, Butthead will drive his head against Thomas and move it around until Thomas cap falls off. Certain that he has won the points Thomas awards him, the deer backs off and waits until the cap is replaced for another match.

Last summer, the squirrel started carrying back Lego building blocks through a hole it chewed in the ceiling of the bedroom occupied by the Thomases 11 year old son, Lee.

It is not uncommon for a wild animal to seek nourishment from other than its own kind, said Thomas husband, Shane.

He was, however, attracted to the family dog, Lacy, a 2 year old golden retriever.

Each year, 500 to 600 people visit the non profit rehabilitation facility, which is Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Nz Sale supported by contributions. The Thomases frequently are invited to take their birds and animals to schools.

The two caged silver foxes on the premises survived impending death at a local fur farm after the prices dropped and the business ended.

The tiny spotted fawn wasn about to be abandoned again after losing his mother in a severe storm the day before.

Miss Twitchett used to share her rides on Lacy with a small injured falcon. Pretty Bird, named for its blue and yellow coloring, eventually flew away after sharpening its instincts. Shane Thomas would lure the predator to the meat held in his hand, then to the mice he released, and finally watched as the falcon rapidly swooped onto an unsuspecting bird.

Lee saved two other squirrels from drowning in the toilet after they hung down into the bowl by their hind legs trying to drink and fell into the water.

So when the car came upon the frightened animal standing alone in the middle of the road last June and the driver got out to look at it, the 16 inch tall deer promptly leaped through the open door into the front seat.

only know what is around them, and they will look for a substitute mother, he said.

A wood duck, named Miss Twitchett for her habit of importantly twitching her tail feathers as she walks along, sits calmly for tongue bathing by Lacy, then flies onto her head or back for a ride. In turn, the wood duck cleans the area around Lacy eyes and mouth with her beak.

Lacy came into the porch where we were, he immediately went to her and tried to nurse on her, recalled Thomas.

´╗┐Animals enjoy a new family at Echo Lake center

In the strange surroundings, the deer refused to take milk from a bottle offered by the owner, Rebecca Thomas.

Warily eyeing each other, the two rode to the police station. From there, the fawn was taken to Echo Lake Wildlife Rehab Inc. in Presque Isle and adopted into a growing family of injured or orphaned birds and animals.