User eagleboyrox disagrees with the council's idea:

"Why don't why also have an ordinance to make fish stop swimming, dogs stop walking, cats stop scratching and all birds stop flying? Birds poop just like every other animal. My children like when we walk them down to the river to feed the ducks and geese. We drive them everywhere else. An ordinance isn't going to stop me and you can fine me all you want. Birds have been pooping since the dawn of time and a stupid ordinance isn't going to stop it. You can't control where a wild animal deficates and if people aren't feeding them, I'm sure they are more than capable of feeding themselves. I'd also like to know if my tax money went towards having some guy follow one of these birds around all day and then weighing it's poop. Who came up this this one pound figure?"

´╗┐and an ordinance isn't going to stop it

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A Canada goose stands in the rain Monday near Monocacy Creek in Bethlehem TMs Johnston Park, where anglers tried their luck. Express Times Photo JOE GILLEaston City Council is looking to quell a goose poop problem that has cropped up in Cheap Women Canada Goose Solaris Parka White Nz the city's parks. Council's solution, proposed Wednesday, is an ordinance that would outlaw the feeding of wild or feral animals in parks or on city owned property.