He said: 'Our city is a city of the future and as a futuristic building with phenomenal foresight in style and design, it is indicative of our plans in how we see Birmingham developing.

A spokesman from Fitzgerald admitted that the goose was a source of both amusement and annoyance.

Cllr Mike Whitby said of the Cube back in 2006 before the goose incident that it would break all the boundaries of what has been achieved in Birmingham so far.

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'The Mailbox has already raised the bar in the quality and calibre of our architecture and the retail offerings, worldwide brand names and stylish restaurants have given Birmingham a contemporary profile rivalling the capitals of Europe.

'But Jake Fielding, who is guarding the bird is doing a great job of keeping her safe and hopefully we won't be waiting too long for the eggs to hatch.

'It wouldn't be a good idea to move her before her goslings have hatched.'

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A goose has laid three eggs right in the middle of a building site, bringing work to a halt. The bird has been given her own bodyguard to protect her and her brood

He said: 'The goose has been her for about three weeks now, and she's settling in quite nicely, which is unfortunate for us.

The development that is being delayed because of the goose is known as the Cube which was meant to be the finishing touch to an exclusive area of Birmingham.

'The Cube will help to elevate us onto a global stage.'

´╗┐after GOOSE lays eggs on building site

'We try to be very environmentally friendly, and don't want to do anything to disturb the bird.

'The goose has meant we have had to put off finishing the pavements around the bird and its eggs for three weeks.

Contractors Fitzgerald have been forced to hold off on any work on the pavements, where the goose has got settled.

It will contain a boutique hotel and residential apartments and is the final phase of luxury development The Mailbox, in an affluent area of the city.

'It is frustrating that we're being Discount Women Canada Goose Expedition Parka White New Zealand held up but I'm sure work will be able to continue as usual once the eggs have hatched.

Work on the Cube, which will be overlooking a canal, was expected to finish soon but the arrival of the goose has delayed the whole operation.

'We have been able to work on other parts of the site in the meantime so we are not losing money but it is a pain that it has delayed the project.