And a goose just hanging out by the lake behind an apartment complex along Village Drive.

Still, we have 11 dead canines nine who starved to death, according to law enforcement; one whose head was smashed into a sidewalk; and one, with a broken leg, who was thrown into a pond.

"We are taking a much more aggressive stance against people who mistreat animals," says Lt. Elaine Smith with Cumberland County Animal Control. "Particularly those who deliberately harm an animal or neglect the basic needs of an animal."

James Strickland, 34, was charged this month after Animal Control officers say Strickland beat his 10 week old pit bull to death in 2014 by slamming its head into a sidewalk.

John Garrett Burrow, a 22 year old Fort Bragg soldier, was charged with felony animal cruelty on Jan. 21, accused of tying his 8 month old German shepherd mix around the hind and fore legs and throwing the dog into McFadyen Lake in November. Burrow's wife, Kelsey Burrow, 20, is charged as an accessory after the fact. She is scheduled to appear today before District Court Judge Lou Olivera, but look for a continuance. John Burrow is next scheduled to appear in court on April 23.

´╗┐Animal cruelty cases on the rise

"A metal hunting arrow," Smith says about a Canada goose who was discovered shot over the weekend at Lake Clair Apartments. "It had an arrow through its body, and some traumatic injuries to its beak area. The goose was unable to fly and probably unable to eat. The goose was humanely euthanized."

Stephanie Bates, 49, is charged with animal cruelty after law enforcement says she starved to death her 3 year old boxer. Her next court appearance is set for March 19.

James Marvin Wing, 30, faces two counts of felony cruelty to animals after law enforcement discovered two dogs dead in their wire cages, both without access to water or food. The animals, according to Animal Control, starved to death.

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"It's an unfortunate reality that there are people who will abuse an animal, just as there are those who will abuse children or the elderly," Smith says. "We have a duty to find these people and turn them over to the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office for arrest and the District Attorney's office for prosecution. We do it not only because it's our job, but because we believe in an animal's right to not be abused or neglected."

Richard Walter, 51, faces eight counts of felony cruelty to animals after abandoning eight animals in his Bridgeview Drive home for a month, according to law enforcement, where six of the dogs starved to death and two survived. Walter still hasn't been found.

All of these folks who stand Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Red New Zealand accused are innocent, unless proven otherwise or evidence fails to support the charges.

These innocent animals, no matter the case dispositions, likely stood a better chance roaming every lane of Interstate 95, and so did the Canada goose.