Tweel decided not to pursue charges and was paid back in full by the man who called.

Tweel said Monday he thought someone was pranking him when he answered the phone and was told he was talking to one of the men who robbed his store.

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"I took about an hour; made some calls to a lawyer and police,'' Tweel said of what he did after chatting with the alleged thief. "End result, what do you want? You want your money back. I know you want to send a message and charge these guys, but what do you do? The guy pleaded with me. He was a marked man.''

Tweel had posted in store video footage on social media of two men who allegedly had walked away with some Canada Goose jackets. fugitives.

Tweel said the man offered to make full restitution and apologized.

The way they pursue the small time criminals is overdone, IMO , and then they appear to feed everyone cigarettes in cuffs that they bring in. , and get preachy with them ,after acting the opposite beforehand.

Like jail time.

That show makes my blood curdle, its way too cheesy and offensive. His heart may be in it but they come off as reality show dysfunctional themselves, but that is just my opinion.

If the owner is satisfied then so be it.

´╗┐Alleged thieves pay back Charlottetown store owner

It makes one wonder if they had other offenses against them and were possibly on probation and had more to risk than the cost of the merchandise.

Philip Tweel, who owns Island Activewear on University Avenue in Charlottetown, said he was contacted in the last few days by one of the men who claims to been one of the robbers.

All that widespread attention seems to have humbled the thieves who stole Men Canada Goose Calgary Black New Zealand from Tweel.

"He said, 'No joke, man, I'm the one that stole off you. I just want this to go away','' Tweel said, recounting the conversation he had with the man.