Nominations are being sought through October for the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. Anyone can make a nomination. The nominee must be a Texan or Texas organization. Selections are made by an independent committee, with induction set for June 2016. The Hall of Fame is housed at Men Canada Goose Chateau Parka Black Outlet Nz the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center in Athens.

The Rolling Plains Quail Research Ranch in Fisher County reports a combined 83 percent nesting success for bobwhite and blue quail, which might be the highest ever documented. Two hatches were on the ground by early July.

Texas has more shotgun fans than any other state, and now there's a manufacturing plant capable of cranking out a million shotgun shells a day in Marshall. Rio Ammunition, the first Texas shotgun shell plant, is owned by MAXAM Outdoors, with headquarters in Spain. supplier of shotgun shells. The company sold about 250 million rounds in 2014. An estimated 1.2 billion to 1.4 billion shotgun shells were sold in America last year, easily the world's largest shooting and hunting market. The 105,000 square foot Rio Ammunition plant employs 40 fulltime workers.

´╗┐and Texas' most popular deer hunting regions

Without a landing net in the boat, Epperly got the fishing line and slowly pulled it up until he could grab the fish. As soon as the fish was landed, the lure fell out of its mouth.

Texan uses his hands to haul in big bass

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department figures there are more than 700,000 deer hunters statewide. The most popular region for deer hunting is the Post Oak Savannah of East Texas (110,845), followed by the Piney Woods of East Texas (110,681). The South Texas Plains is third with an estimated 105,606 hunters.

The fish weighed 12.93 pounds and is the 17th bass entered in the 2015 16 Toledo Bend Lunker Bass Program. July seems an unusual month to catch such a fish. but the Toledo Bend record bass, 15.32 pounds, was caught July 3, 2000.

Robert Perez, the state's quail program leader, said reports are likewise good from South Texas, though he noted that "it's all anecdotal at this time."

Texas gets its first shotgun shell plant

East Texas is No. 1 with deer hunters

Nominations sought for Texas fishing hall

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There are encouraging reports from the two best wild quail regions remaining in America, the Rolling Plains of West Texas and the South Texas Plains.

According to Louisiana Sportsman magazine, Trent Curphy of Kingwood, Texas, caught a big Toledo Bend bass in an unusual fashion on July 12.

Curphy was fishing with longtime friend Don Epperly of Hemphill. They had fished for 90 minutes without a bite, so Curphy tied on an old Norman Little N crankbait with rusty hooks. He soon hooked a largemouth bass that swam under the boat and wrapped the line around the trolling motor.

Texas quail reports are encouraging