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15, 2013. He played just one season for Detroit before a bad back forced him to hang up his skates for good. (1990 2009), and two ahead of Jason Arnott (1993 2012) and Alan Stanley (1948 1969). Men Canada Goose Citadel Parka Red Nz Online Alfredsson, who suited up for all but 68 of his games in a Senators jersey, never did look quite right wearing the Detroit Red Wings uniform. It was an uncomfortable fit ? if only to our eyes. He should have never had to pull one over his head. Only eight players above Alfredsson on the career list never changed their business address: Nicklas Lidstrom (Detroit), Alex Delvecchio (Detroit), Steve Yzerman (Detroit), Stan Mikita (Chicago), Ken Daneyko (New Jersey), Patrick Marleau (San Jose) and Henri Richard (Montreal). Two others remained with one franchise while it relocated: Joe Sakic (Quebec/ Colorado) and Shane Doan (Winnipeg/Phoenix). So, you see, it would have really been something special for Alfredsson to spend his entire career with the Senators. And there is no acceptable reason for why it didn?t happen. We say now what we said the day Alfredsson announced at a Royal Ottawa hosted news conference: This divorce, like most others, can be blamed on both sides. The man who has the final OSC MALRUK Price: $ 925 20% $ 740 OSC NISTO Price: $ 840 20% $ 674.99 121, boul. St. Joseph, Gatineau (Secteur Hull) 819 778 3497 say with the Senators ? owner Eugene Melnyk ? should have stepped in and opened his wallet a little wider. Whether Bryan Murray was caught bluffing in the game of poker GMs play with agents or not is irrelevant. Barry the Senators would give his client $4.5 million for one year, while Alfredsson?s camp was looking for either a singleseason salary of $7 million or two years at $12 million. Melnyk needed to take the lead, to understand that Alfredsson?s worth to the business and the city went beyond a few extra dollars, and act accordingly. He should have ruled that Alfredsson, who was paid $1 million in his final season with Ottawa because of a front loaded contract, deserved at least the oneyear option he requested. That would have been that. Giving him $8 million over the span of two seasons ? his last with the Senators and what turned out to be his only with Detroit ? would hardly be excessive, no matter what Alfredsson?s other contracts had paid him. And then there?s the blame that lies at the feet of the man himself. It probably won?t be popular to bring this up, especially given all the deserved gushing that is being done this week, but Alfredsson could, and should, have avoided the breakup by swallowing his pride and taking the Senators? offer, or insisting on further negotiations. As it turns out, Detroit?s carrot (including bonuses) was only $1 million more than what Murray put on the table ? and don?t think the Senators wouldn?t have bent a little more, if they knew that was all it would take to avoid losing their legendary player. That?s right, unless he had a really strong desire to wear the wheel and work in a dumpy downtown area, in the end, all that prevented Alfredsson from playing every one of his NHL games in the city where it all started was a million bucks ? or about, what we?ve been led to believe, Melnyk used to pull in for each playoff game. The irony of it all, eh? Think the Senators would have qualified for last spring?s post season tournament, and been guaranteed at least two home playoff dates, with Alfredsson on the team? He was the Red Wings? co leader in points (49) and third on the team in goals (18) in 2013 14. Would a similar output, along with his leadership, kept the Senators from throwing away the five points in the standings that they fell short? No doubt. But that?s all water under the bridge, as they say. And so is the Senators Alfredsson divorce. The two will be remarried in a ceremony at Canadian Tire Centre today. And, this time, they are sure to live happily ever after.