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She was rushed to the Emergency Room at the University of Alberta Hospital less than a week ago after her family said she was found unresponsive, bleeding, with extensive injuries to her head and face.

The young woman had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

"Patients and patient safety are our focus. All patient safety complaints are thoroughly investigated and reviewed internally. Out of respect for patient confidentiality, as well as the ongoing investigations into this matter, AHS will not be discussing case specific details with or through the media."

AHS launches investigation after Alberta Hospital patient allegedly beaten

At first, her relatives were told by hospital staff that Lisa had slipped in her own urine, and fell the family believes something else happened, and have filed a complaint.

"When Lisa got in from the ambulance, she was just so badly it looked like she was beaten," Michelle Goltman, Lisa's sister, said. "She had slits right down her lips, three goose eggs, she had two black eyes."

AHS released a statement on the case, saying an investigation was underway.

Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Navy Outlet Nz

The family of the patient said her name is Lisa, and she is 22 years old.

Lisa's family said the incident raises concern because they said she's been injured on other occasions since being admitted to Alberta Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Navy Outlet Nz Hospital in July 2012.

Alberta Health Services has launched an investigation, after a woman being treated at Alberta Hospital was rushed to an Edmonton ER, suffering from extensive injuries.

The patient's family also met with Edmonton police officials Wednesday night, police confirmed Thursday that a preliminary investigation had been launched, but unless criminal charges are laid, the case falls under AHS jurisdiction.

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"The Sister," a novel by Argentine Paola Kaufmann (Overlook/Rookery), views Dickinson through the eyes of her younger sister, Lavinia. It was translated from the Spanish. In "Afternoons With Emily" (Little, Brown), Rose MacMurray imagines a friendship between Dickinson and a young woman gone awry.

Coming out

Discount Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka White New Zealand

and immortality

More than a century after her death, Amherst poet Emily Dickinson (below) still inspires, as evidenced by a handful of new books, as well as the appearance of the poet's recipe for "black cake" (made with 19 eggs and a half pint of brandy) in "American Food Writing: An Anthology With Classic Recipes" edited by Molly O'Neill (Library of America).

Three years ago, PEN New England honored JoeAnn Hart (right) of Gloucester with a Discovery Award for her fiction. That recognition led to the publication of her first novel, "Addled," a hilarious sendup of WASP culture, in which a stray golf ball fells a Canada goose at Eden Rock Country Club, leading an animal Discount Women Canada Goose Mystique Parka White New Zealand rights activist to face off against the club's chef . Wednesday at Hotel Marlowe, 25 Edwin Land Blvd., Cambridge. Knies said the poets determined to keep the tradition alive have continued meeting.

"Shaggy Muses: The Dogs Who Inspired Virginia Woolf, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Edith Wharton, and Emily Bronte," by Maureen Adams (Ballantine), due out at the end of the month, pays tribute to Dickinson's beloved Carlo. She called him "my Shaggy Ally."

"American Legacy: The Story of John and Caroline Kennedy," by C. David Heymann (Atria)

Dickinson also found inspiration in her own home . In "The Pantry: Its History and Modern Uses" (Gibbs Smith), Catherine Seiberling Pond tells us that Dickinson is thought to have written poems in her pantry. She quotes Louise Norcross, a cousin: "I know that Emily Dickinson wrote most emphatic things in the pantry, so cool and quiet, while she skimmed the milk; because I sat on the footstool behind the door, in delight, as she read them to me."

"The Gatecrasher," by Madeleine Wickham ( St. . . . Doyle revisits some of his work's toughest territory, but produces his most hopeful book."

Uproar on the greens

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While we covered a great deal of ground on our trip and saw an amazing number of things during our 12 days on Sicily, whenever one returns from a trip one begins to think about things one missed seeing or doing, or places where one could would have liked to have spent more time. The following are among those that have already found a place on that list. Small Towns in the Interior. Although we saw many of the major tourist attractions on the island, we did not have much of a chance on our tour to meet and get to know the island's inhabitants or to visit some of the more out of the way places, particularly in the more rural interior of the island. Etna. I first heard of Tindari when we were having dinner earlier this year at Ristorante Mezzo Mezzo in San Rafael and Giovanni de la Renta suggested we try a bottle of Syrah wine produced by the Antica Tindari winery located near the town of Patti on the north coast of the island.

There is a almost everywhere everywhere and even though they started in the usa all through the middle of 1997 the ugg boots rapidly grabbed on being a fashion trend and just what establishes ugg boots along with other kinds of boot styles is they are usually utilized by both, males and females and so are deemed a new both gender type of footwear.

The wine was excellent. It is located Men Canada Goose Foxe Bomber Black Nz Sale just to the west of Tindari, a headland high above the sea and the site of an early Greek settlement on Sicily. There are ruins of a Greek theater in Tindari (still used for summer performances by the Teatro dei Due Mari) as well as the Santuario della Madona Nera (Sanctuary of the Black Madonna). addition, Tindari is the subject of a poem by the Italian Nobel Prize winning poet Quasimodo entitled Vento a Tindari/The Wind at Tindari, as well as included in the title of one of Andrea Camilleri's Commissario Montalbano books "La gita a Tindari/ The Excursion to Tindari"). I did so and had a very nice email exchange with her. I would love to spend some time cooking with her at Antica Tindari someday. Festivals. Like all of Italy, there are several religious and other festivals around Sicily throughout the year. Unfortunately we did have a chance to see any of them, and it would certainly great to see one or two, especially some of the religious festivals when the churches come to life. describes various highlights of the festa (which continues for a few days), a dawn mass ( The most common call (with respect to which there is apparently a good deal of competition to see who can yell it the loudest) is ("citizens, citizens, are we all devoted, all of us") to which the reply is ("certainly, certainly")).

And For Our Next Trip

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For the Moravians, Christmas was a joyful but wholly religious occasion. These days, when the season is celebrated at Old Salem, the town is simply and sparsely decorated, as it was then fresh greenery on the fence around the town square and on the pump house, and wreaths on the doors of privately owned houses. Outdoors, the clearest indications of the season are the high spirits of all who pass by, and the 15 piece brass band that plays carols on the street corners and fills the town with music. At night, scattered bonfires provide light and warmth.

This dusty research comes alive each Christmas. In the morning, visitors can wander through the kitchens and watch dinner being prepared. In the home of Samuel Vierling, the town's respected physician and apothecary, a woman roasts coffee beans in a long handled, sheet iron contraption that she holds over the fire. A chicken hangs close to the coals by a string, one end tied around its legs, the other end attached to a hook above the hearth. Periodically, the cook bastes the bird with butter and gives it a gentle spin, so that it slowly twists on the string, first in one direction, then, as the string unwinds, in the other, thus roasting evenly on all sides. (As ingenious as the system was, it had its limits; the townspeople adjusted tastes to necessity and preferred their chicken medium rare.) Meanwhile, mustard potatoes and tart red cabbage simmer in pots hanging in the fireplace, and fresh gingerbread cools on the table.

From the start, Salem was primarily a religious community. The church owned the land and governed the inhabitants, which, in the early years, were limited to confirmed Moravians. The spiritual "family" took precedence over temporal ones; the community was divided into choirs, a Greek word for "group," according to age, sex and marital status: married people, single sisters, single brothers, widows, widowers and so on. Each choir had its own meetings for religious instruction, its own festal days, and tasks for which it was responsible. Some choirs lived together; there were dormitory style houses for single brothers and single sisters, which children joined at the age of 14 and where they remained until marriage. Second only to religion was work. In the midst of a wilderness, Salem was a community of master craftsmen: gunsmiths, tinsmiths, potters, brickmakers, carpenters, silversmiths, blacksmiths, weavers, bookbinders, paper makers, shoemakers, tanners, distillers and brewers. In short order the town dominated the commerce of the region.

Music is everywhere. In one house, two women play duets on a violin and a pianoforte. In the tavern, three men play a hammered dulcimer, a drum and a flute. Warmed by a bonfire behind the tavern, a young man strums a dulcimer and sings the woeful ballad of a henpecked husband. In the single brothers' house, a huge pipe organ carried pipe by pipe in a covered wagon from Pennsylvania in 1798 thunders out hymns of the season.

It wasn't easy. For example, an old receipt ("receipts" were for food, "recipes" were for medicine) might call for "butter the size of an egg," a "glass" of milk, 3 "teacups" of sugar, 2 teaspoons of "pearl ash" or, simply, "spice." The staff tracked it all down: They pored over handwritten scraps of paper, searched through old cookbooks in household inventories, reviewed the books of the town merchant, examined the family crockery, and found what they needed. It seems there were 10 eggs to a pound the equivalent of those now graded "small"; butter that size equals 1/4 cup. A "glass" was a wine glass, or 1/4 cup, and a teacup held 3/4 cup. Pearl ash was an edible form of potash used as leavening (baking soda is the modern equivalent).

"Wash and peel the potatoes. Cut them into round slices, but not too thin, and rinse them again in fresh water. With finely chopped parsley root and onions, set the potatoes [in some water] over the fire and let them cook until soft, but not until they begin to fall apart. Drain off the water. Melt some butter in a shallow pan, pour the potatoes in, and let them simmer a little in the butter. Stir in 2 spoonsful of powdered mustard and just enough hot meat broth to equal [but not cover] the potatoes. Season with salt. If this should make too much liquid, bring to a boil and reduce. Pour the potatoes and mustard into a deep serving dish. In a sauce pan, saute chopped parsley and onion in butter for a few minutes, but not over a very hot fire. Pour this evenly over the potatoes and serve."

An Old Salem Christmas

In the village tavern, built to house the traders and buyers who came to Salem, a more elaborate meal is in process in the kitchen, where dried red peppers grace the walls and a Canada goose hangs from the ceiling. Wrapped in four layers of buttered paper, a haunch of venison roasts on a spit in the fireplace. At dinner it will be served with a sauce of red wine heavily sweetened with sugar. One woman rolls dough for bread dumplings between her hands; another bakes a pound cake in a Dutch oven a cast iron pot with legs to hold it over the coals, and a lid with a rim around the edge so that more coals can be piled on top.

Visitors who arrive too late to watch dinner being prepared can witness its consumption. In the Vierling dining room, the family sits down to eat and to discuss the events of the day, apparently oblivious to a dozen sightseers hanging over their shoulders, inspecting their food and eavesdropping on their conversation. In the tavern, four traveling gentlemen in frock coats and side curls enact dinnertime of 1785: They carve off hunks of venison and transfer them to their mouths with knives (since eighteenth century forks had only two tines, they were more useful for immobilizing food than for transporting it). They wipe their greasy mouths and hands on the tablecloth (there were no napkins), stir sugar into their coffee with their knives, and discuss the horrendous roads, General Cornwallis' recent visit to the town, and a group of hotheads in the western mountains who want to secede from North Carolina and form the sovereign state of Franklin.

Salem was founded by Moravians, a Protestant sect that formally broke with the Church of Rome in 1457, sixty years before Martin Luther nailed his famous theses to the church door. Although the church had adherents throughout Europe, most were centered in Moravia (now part of Czechoslovakia) and thus gave the church their name. After centuries of persecution, the dissenters looked abroad for a place to practice their religion freely and for opportunities to spread the gospel. America offered land for the former and a native population for the latter.

A Community of Craftsmen

A NATIONAL HISTORIC LANDMARK, Old Salem is a restored frontier settlement in central North Carolina, far less well known (and crowded) than it deserves to be. Seventy nine preserved or reconstructed buildings, 14 of which are open to the public, radiate from a central square. Built between 1766 and 1856 of logs, brick (some with striking half timbering) or clapboards, the homes and public buildings line broad, tree bordered streets. Costumed staff welcome guests to each building, explain its function and go about the everyday business of 200 years ago candlemaking, blacksmithing, cooking as the original residents did, with the same tools, materials and techniques. To visit Old Salem is to experience life in the country as it used to be lived. Each December, Old Salem re creates Christmas as it was celebrated between 1790 and 1830, with appropriate decorations, music and food. At any season, the town is worth a visit. At Christmas, it is sheer delight.

The Christmas Season

Recipes can provide a taste of the food, if not the atmosphere. Two are as the staff found them, the first from 1796, the second from 1820. The superb York Gingerbread is in a contemporary format.

Potatoes With Mustard Recipe

Christmas past is captured in Old Salem Christmas traditions, celebrating the American spirit of Christmas past.

Old Salem Christmas Traditions: The FoodTO THE NECESSARY WORK OF Producing and preparing food, the Moravians brought their emphasis on excellence. The kitchen garden behind each house was lush with culinarv herbs ranging from parsley and sage to rosemary and fennel, and many homes had hops arbors, from which the residents brewed beer (they also made brandy and cordials).

"Climb on!" the man exclaimed. With a grin as bright as morning on new snow, the child clambered aboard.

Worship, work, music, family, food the Moravians rejoiced in them all, made them the substance of their days, the focus of their energy and skill. Christmas at Old Salem captures some of that energy and much of that joy.

Like worship and work, music was an everyday part of life; the day began and ended with hymns. At harvesttime, musicians brought their instruments into the fields and celebrated with hymns of thanksgiving. When the roof beam of a new house went up, a trumpeter balanced on it and played an anthem or two. Children learned an instrument young, and the Moravian orchestras the earliest in America, complete with violins, French horns, bassoons, clarinet played not only religious music but the works of Mozart and Haydn as well.

Inside, sugar cookies dangle from scarlet ribbons in the window of the tobacconist's shop. A scrawny little pine hung with miniature red and green lady apples, pinecones, red bows and black and white striped guinea feathers stands on a table in the corner. Several houses have Moravian pyramids, triangular wooden structures whose shelves hold greenery and burning candles. Here and there is a "putz," a group of small nativity figures carved from wood and used to instruct the children in the Christmas story. Fires burn in kitchens and living rooms, and houses glow with more candles than thrifty housewives would have allowed at less festive seasons.

Religion and economics meshed neatly. Designed to help the church minister to the needs of the spirit, the choir system formed a kind of medieval craft guild. At 14, when a boy left home for the single brothers' house, he was apprenticed to a master craftsman, with whom he remained until he was 21, when he became a journeyman and was free to practice his trade. As long as he was single, he remained in the brothers' house, and part of his income went to his choir. (Rarely has a community provided so powerful an inducement to the altar.)

Chestnut Stuffing Recipe

Like so much else, food had a spiritual dimension. On important occasions the Moravians held a "lovefeast," a service that included singing hymns and breaking bread together, usually a simple meal of coffee and sweet buns. On Christmas Eve, the town staged a lovefeast for its children, each of whom was given a candle tied with a ribbon (symbolizing the birth of Women Canada Goose Montebello Parka Navy Nz Sale Jesus, the light of the world) and a Bible verse. In later years, the festivities were extended to adults as well. So today, when interpreters re create village life in general and Christmas in particular, food plays a prominent part. With the zeal for authenticity that characterizes the keepers of Old Salem, the Domestic Skills staff, several of whom have degrees in history, see to it that everything is historically accurate including Christmas dinner.

"Say Merry Christmas!" boomed the driver. The boy hesitated, examined the statement for the traps adults like to set, found none, and said cautiously, "Merry Christmas."

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"First take some chestnuts, roast them very carefully, so as not to burn them; take off the skin and peel them; take about a dozen of them cut small, and bruise them in a mortar; parboil the liver of the fowl, bruise it, cut about a quarter of a pound of ham or bacon, and pound it; then mix them all together, with a good deal of parsley chopped small, a little sweet herbs [the most popular were parsley, sage and thyme], some mace, pepper, salt and nutmeg; mix these together and put into your fowl and roast it."

Christmas Customs: An Old Salem ChristmasTHE STURDY LITTLE BOY CAME barreling across the town square in Old Salem and pulled up in front of a man in eighteenth century breeches and vest, who was loading sightseers onto a wagon hitched to two patient black Percherons.

In 1753 a vanguard of 15 "brothers" made their way "over very high, terrible mountains and cliffs," as one wrote, into the piedmont of central North Carolina and established a temporary settlement, while their leaders planned a town to be called Salem, from the Hebrew word for "peace". By 1772 enough buildings were complete for the settlers to move in.

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It was so wonderful to have found this. My husband and I have lived in Fallbrook since 1983 (both our children were born here) but I never paid much attention to the area's history other than an occasional tidbit of information here and there. and hoped to find a picture of the home so that (if the bank lets us purchase it) we can restore it close to its 1947 charm. Along the way I have discovered a wonderful history of the area and the families who lived here. Thank you so much for the walk back in time through your memories it was lovely!!

For all seeking more info on the origin if our DRIGGS lineage, new facts have come to light. Originally, our Driggs family was presumed to be of the DeRaet lineage of Dutch extract. However, more research and DNA comparisons with other Driggs family members establishes without a doubt that we are NOT descended from Josias DeRaet, nor were our ancestors Dutch. Rather, they came from Portugal, one Joseph Driggs. The original name appears to have been RODRIGGES, RODRIGEZ, and many other spelling variations. DNA results show family in nearly every Latin American country, island, and the Portuguese mainland and the isles off her coast.

Please feel free to email with questions or with any info you may have. I just want to tell you I stumbled on to your site looking for Nimrod Tavenner in KS. This is one of the best organized, better designed, more user friendly genealogy websites that I have seen. I didn't find an index however that is the case with so many because it makes them just too large. "Job Well Done" God Bless and keep up the good work!I have been doing genealogy for forty years and have taught genealogy classes on the college level in NE and MO for ten years, with the advent of the PC. I just want to tell you I stumbled on to your site looking for Nimrod Tavenner in KS. This is one of the best organized, better designed, more user friendly genealogy websites that I have seen. I didn't find an index however that is the case with so many because it makes them just too large. "Job Well Done" God Bless and keep up the good work!

Loved your comments anyone who has lost a child can appreciate your loss. I too lost a precious son 27 in a tragic crash but his son was left behind for me and my husband to raise he is so much like his dad and I see it in him everyday I tried my hand yet once again at gourds and was rewarded with 30 ft vines!!! I love them they are truly beautiful and am trying to get some for martins my husband built me 2 beautiful houses and they have had yearly visitors that we love watching the vine is about to take over my greenhouse that was just built this year but I have let it run cant wait to see what I harvest!I dont have much time to read all your articles but really enjoyed what I got to will be back bookmarked your site God Bless and we will see them again!!Sissie I live in Texas and Boy is it hot!!!

Annie's Family Guestbook

I am hoping someone connected to your website may be able to help. Kind , Faye Whibley, Christchurch New Zealand. I now live in Branson, Missouri, but my daughters Candie and Bobbie Jo are still in Oklahoma with their families. I was on myspace and a friend mentioned Wanda Jackson being nominated into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame, and of course that made me think of Aunt Wilda. I always thought she was so beautiful. I think you've done a wonderful job with the site. Please say hello to the family for me! Debbie

Dear .

I am a professional archaeologist/historian and the County of Riverside has asked me to complete a cultural resources assessment (historical and archaeological survey and report) prior to starting road improvements near a property that Anthony Reche apparently owned. Reche's ranch included 160 acres in the Southeast Quarter of Section 18 (Township 2 South, Range 3 West, San Bernardino Base and Meridian). Do you have any other specific information on that property location of the old buildings, details about landscaping and other activities, and finally who built the ca. 1940s buildings that are in that area now? Since the area is unincorporated, it's difficult to find building permits, although I am going to complete a title search tomorrow which will hopefully shed some light. Any maps, historic documents, or other information you could forward would be tremendously appreciated. Also, I understand the Indians used the springs in the area and any information about them (locations, names, stories, etc.) would be a great help.

I would like to know where or who the Callaway family was and also where the Strain family applies to my family.

Dode Stubblefield. She painted a picture of my grandfather uncle adobe house in Temecula. He was a circut judge. his name was John Magee. I have the original painting. Wondering if this is the same Hindorff family. The Hindorff was hired by Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Berry Nz Camp Pendleton Marine Corps base to rid the base of rattlesnakes as to protect the quail nests.

I hope to update the website soon, and share all the new findings as I discover them.

Women Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Berry Nz

I am writing to you in the hopes that someone could tell me more about the gentlemen called Henry Callaway Johnston born 24/11/1882 he is the son of my maternal great grandfather David William Johnston his parents were John Johnston and Elizabeth GIRD(Johnston) married in Edinburgh Scotland on 1 June 1881. David's other children were Margaret Urqhart Johnston and William Hawthorn Johnston he is my maternal grandfather and father of my mother Isobel Theresa Johnston now Edwards. David Johnston was married to a Margaret Hawthorn (born Urqhart) became Johnston their address was a Sherwell Street in Johannesburg South Africa 1907. David William Johnston was a Medical Practitioner.

I am the Great Granddaughter of Kate Agnes NUTSFORD. Her marriage certificate lists her father as Henry Rogers NUTSFORD. I believe Henry to be the son of Thomas NUTSFORD and Mary Finnie GIRD. My dilemma is I cannot find a birth for Kate Agnes anywhere. I have a source that states her birth date being 1860 in Whitehaven Cumberland, but extensive searches for confirmation of her birth have hit a brick wall.

My Vaughn's are descended from Morrell Vaughn and Delilah Day. They were between New York and Canada in the late 1700's to early 1800's. Two sons that I know are John William and Rufus Spencer (my ancestor). John William Vaughn went west to Oregon and was connected with the Lost Wagon Train story. He raised his family there. Rufus Spencer Vaughn was my 3rd gr grandfather. He was married to Polly Daniels. He was probably born in NY, did die in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., IL. This family was also found in Keokuk, Iowa for a short time.

William Hawthorn Johnston my maternal grandfather married a Theresa Strain became Johnston and they had 3 offspring my aunt Margaret Isobel Strain Johnston now French, the late Noel Hawthorn Johnston and my mother Isobel Theresa Johnston now Edwards. I am her daughter Anne Mary Edwards now Gieg.

Through genetic testing I have determined that my Y DNA matches many Vaughans but no Bradshaws despite my surname. There is no family history to explain this fact. Conventional genealogy gives William Bradshaw in 1880 census Wayne Co., Mo. as earliest ancestor with any confidence. His son John O. is my gg grandfather which now appears to be genetically Vaughan. Vaughan, Bradshaw, Missouri, mid 1800's all converge in your website. I hope I can relate someone to the family tree of the DNA tested Vaughans.

I grew up in Pala Indian Reservation. My family is the Magee's, de Pedrorena's and Estudillo's. I lived on a ranch Condor's Nest. Knew a fellow Erick Hindorff he had a sister

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To bring you back to reality, there are pay telephones placed unobtrusively at the top of the mountain just in case you need to call the office or your broker or for dinner reservations. At lunch time you can check your equipment at ski corrals at two of Deer Valleys three lodges. All the amenities of a fine hotel have been incorporated into this ski resort.

The condos are privately owned but managed by the resort. All are luxurious, with fireplaces and individual hot tubs.


WRITING FROM DEER VALLEY, UTAH. Look out Gstaad. Stand back Aspen. The beautiful people have discovered a ski resort that takes the art of accommodating very seriously. In seven Discount Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Tan New Zealand short years an upstart from Utah (of all places) has become the creme de la creme of ski resorts. Its called Deer Valley.

This devotion to the art of accommodating is evident when you first arrive. Uniformed valets unload your skis from your car to the ski racks in front of Snow Park Lodge, at the mountains base. Parking is close by, with a shuttle tram to transport the driver to Snow Park. The walkways around the lodge are heated to prevent the inconvenience of ice and snow. If you choose not to drive, transportation is as simple as waiting outside your condominium for the bus. The free transportation system runs between Deer Valley and Park City.

That Deer Valley reminds one of a fine hotel makes sense. The developer and manager is James Nassikas, the hotelier behind San Franciscos Stanford Court. In Deer Valley he has created an environment where the guest can relax, knowing he will be taken care of very well.

And on those days when theres a beautiful blue sky and your skis are lost in the areas famous powder, its, well, nirvana.

Accommodations in the lodge range from studios to four bedroom suites complete with kitchenettes. All have fireplaces. Rooms are done in

The philosophy here is to eliminate all of the things that people hate about skiing, says Chet Schneider III, a public relations manager, as we ride up the mountain on a padded chairlift. Market research indicates that skiers only spend four hours a day skiing. We offer quality in our food and lodging to make a total ski experience.

The lodge, known simply as Steins, is rustic and homey with overstuffed couches and leather chairs, beamed ceilings and enormous stone fireplaces. A cheeky boutique offers a full complement of Bogner one piece jumpsuits the

respectively. However, in these cafeterias, a waiter actually serves that second or third cup of coffee tableside and clears your dishes as the meal progresses.

If thats true, it would be just one more accolade to shower on the already splendid quality of food here. Glitretind, the gourmet room in Steins, offers a bountiful buffet lunch for only $10.

Scandinavian country style, with pine furniture and huge quilted bedspreads on the canopied beds. All bathrooms have whirlpool spa tubs to massage those aching muscles. Or you can send for one of the lodges staff massuers or masseuses. They make house calls.

Crowds at the lift lines are forbidden. Ski passes are judiciously limited to a set number. There is no annoying wait at the lifts or dodging fellow skiers downhill. The runs are gloriously uncrowded. The result is that the skier and the mountain become one. There is a simpatico between the skier and the mountain.

After The Slopes

The day lodges, Snow Park at the base and Silver Lake at mid mountain, serve delicious food cafeteria style in the Huggery and Snuggery,

must have in ski fashion.

Discount Men Canada Goose Ontario Parka Tan New Zealand


From its inception, the resort was planned to be exclusive. The physical constraints of the area precluded endless development a la Vail or Aspen. There is a rather modest two tiered mountain, the top peaking at 9,400 feet, and a spectacular valley floor. Everything within the 6,700 acres has been meticulously planned. The esthetics of the two day lodges and one full service lodge on the mountain and the condominiums on the valley floor are impeccable. Deer Valley is self contained and self satisfied.

Privacy is essential in Deer Valley, where on any given day you may be sharing your chairlift with Jane Fonda, Bruce Springsteen or Bryant Gumbel. During my stay, Dr. Ruth Westheimer appeared at the lunch buffet in the Glitretind Room one day and pronounced, All of Steins soups are good for sex.

Deer Valley lies in the Wasatch Range, an easy 45 minute drive east of Salt Lake City. The Wasatch mountains are home to a number of fine ski resorts Snow Bird, Alta and neighboring Park City but none is quite like Deer Valley.

The main lodge is named after the director of skiing, Stein Eriksen. The 1952 Olympic champion has hung his medals a giant slalom gold and a silver picked up for the slalom in the lobby of the lodge and is active in the day to day operation of the resort. Norways most famous skiier may have just turned 60, but he doesnt look a day over 40.

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Copper Mountain's slopestyle course offered both large and smaller take offs, unlike Breckenridge's Dew Tour slopestyle course or the X Games slopestyle course at Aspen's Buttermilk ski area. Snowboarding Team uniforms on Wednesday. The Vermont based company which pretty much owns snowboarding, with a majority share of all snowboard, binding and apparel sales has outfitted Olympic snowboarders in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics. For 2014, Burton went old school. As in handcrafted, quilting old school.

Vonn has won 14 times at Lake Louise, sometimes dubbed Lake Lindsey because of her dominance there, but she is taking a cautious approach to training runs after blowing out her right knee twice at the 2013 world championships and again while training at Copper Mountain later that year. Snowboarding and Freeskiing Grand Prix on December 21, 2013 in Copper Mountain, Colorado. (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

kind of crazy, said Wallisch, who is from Pittsburgh. of us ever grew up dreaming of going to the Olympics. The X Games and going out skiing with your friends was kind of all you could ever accomplish. It wasn like a world famous sport. It always been more of a hobby. I got my start making videos of doing this kind of skiing, out in the cities and in the backcountry, in the park, putting out those videos and getting known for that. To go from being a kid, weekend warrior, skiing two days a week on the East Coast to being able to say, sport going to be in the Olympics, to legitimize it like that, it amazing. It a crazy turn of events, something I never would have dreamed of. None of us every had that dream. I feel like it blowing my mind every day that we going to have a chance like this. Ski Team training camp in Portillo, Chile.

Park City, Utah The three day Olympic Media Summit for the upcoming Games in Sochi, Russia, began here Monday with a figure skating news conference, and it was only a matter of time before the skaters were asked for their opinions regarding Russia recent anti gay legislation.

California Snow Park Technologies is the same outfit that builds the 22 foot X Games superpipe at Aspen Buttermilk ski area, where the greatest competitive snowboarder has won a record six consecutive gold medals.

Burton designers drew their jacket inspiration from a vintage quilt they discovered at an antique fair. A Vermont quilt maker refined the design and it was replicated using high end fabrics, Burton own waterproofing laminate and a breathable membrane.

Bad weather is dangerous for men and women slopestyle skiers and snowboarders. But the lighter women, who fight to maintain essential speed to clear big jumps, are especially at risk on courses with only one take off jump. Those single lips are big, designed mostly to hurl speedy men into the sky so they can spin as many as four times while flipping two or three times.

worked with Snow Park Technologies to build a custom halfpipe and slopestyle features for Shaun Olympic training. GoPro and SPT scouted many locations across the globe, the spot in Australia was chosen based upon conditions and timing, said GoPro spokeswoman Katie Kilbride.

After two more days of downhill training runs, there will be downhill races Friday and Saturday and a super G on Sunday.

The hand stitched look, coupled with waterproofed corduroy pants the uniform a hippy vibe that lines up with snowboarding's laid back culture while paying respect to America's longstanding creative heritage, said Greg Dacyshyn, Chief Creative Officer at Burton Snowboards, in a statement. will stand out in Sochi for sure."

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Vail Lindsey Vonn finished 18th Tuesday in a World Cup downhill training run at Lake Louise, Alberta, her first action in nearly a year. teammates finished ahead of her, led by Julia Mancuso, who was seventh.

Park City, Utah New sports for the 2014 Sochi Olympics include slopestyle skiing and snowboarding and halfpipe skiing. Freesking icon Tom Wallisch spoke for many slopestyle skiers at the Olympic Media Summit Tuesday when he said he can hardly believe his sport will be part of the Olympics next February.

Shaun White, the perennial king of snowboard halfpipe, has again enlisted his sponsor GoPro to sculpt a private halfpipe in Australia as the 27 year old aims for this third Olympic pipe gold in the Sochi Winter Games next February.

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knee has been a work in progress, I guess, Miller said Monday at the Olympic Media Summit, a media event focusing on the Sochi Games in February. was great down in Portillo, I had no pain and was skiing with high intensity within reason. I had been off snow quite a bit, so I wasn't really taking a lot of risks. At this point the one thing in an Olympic season that you do have to be a little more cognizant about is risk management. It's easy to make stupid mistakes in the summer training. Comments Off on Bode Miller eyes fifth Olympics at age 36, knee Women Canada Goose Whistler Parka Light Grey Nz Online is good

have gay family members and I have a lot of friends in the LBGT community, so I'm so nervous to be talking about this, it's that taboo I just have such a firm stance on this, Wagner said. really believe we should all have equal rights. I obviously do not support the legislation in Russia, but at the same time it's not my place to go into Russia and tell them how to run their country. I'm just an athlete. Todd Wells on his way to victory in the 2011 Leadville Trail 100 is hopeful the next year could buoy mountain bike racing as cycling governing bodies mull a rule that impacts local races like the Leadville Trail 100. (Hyoung Chang, The Denver Post)

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wetlandsOUTDOORS CALENDARopinionHeadlinesPort: We need a "None of the above" option on our ballotsOUR OPINION: Kudos to UND for photo findingsVIEWPOINT: Tobacco tax hike proposals ignore economic realityLETTER: North Dakota protest response shows Cavalry mentality LETTER: Let medical marijuana work in North DakotaLAC LA BICHE, Alberta Fire ravaged Alberta will usedrones to investigate the cause of a huge blaze that has scorched the Canadian province and displaced some 88,000 people.

Alberta flies drones to find cause of devastating wildfire in Canada

Downward wind from helicopter blades can disturb the scene, forcing the pilot to stay about 1,000 feet in the air. Adronecan capture images from 100 feet.

Thedrones use cameras outfitted with infrared, ultraviolet and traditional optical cameras to pinpoint the hottest part of the fire and trace it to its source based on time, wind and other factors. The cameras will shoot about 800 images, which are then stitched together in a process called fire mapping.

The work begins on Tuesday, coordinated with the other air traffic, including air tankers and helicopters.

Thedrones that Elevated will use are manufactured by China's DJI and sell for $1,900 to $6,500. They are roughly 1 foot wide by 2 feet across, about the same size as those hobbyists use.

The images, if successful, will zero down to a spot on the ground with about a 30 foot (9 meter) radius where the fire is believed to have started. From there, investigators will search on foot for the cause, such as a lightning strike or campfire.

"It's like Google Maps but 100 times better," Matthews said at a police roadblock south of Fort McMurray, Alberta, as smoke from the 156,000 hectare (385,000 acre) fire blackened the sky.

Thedrones use cameras outfitted with infrared, ultraviolet and traditional optical cameras to pinpoint the hottest part of the fire and trace it to its source based on time, wind and other factors. The cameras will shoot about 800 images, which are then stitched together in a process called fire mapping.

An Alberta government official confirmed it had a contract with Elevated. Hub was not immediately available for comment.

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Even so,drones pose challenges. Because their batteries last only 45 minutes, they will have to land for fresh ones several times for a fire this big, making it more difficult to precisely shoot different parts of the area, Windmueller said.

Using the more traditional method of gathering images from Men Canada Goose Snow Mantra Parka Navy Nz Online helicopters, the fire's cause could be narrowed only to half an acre, a much larger area to search on the ground, said Ron Windmueller, owner ofDroneology, which supplies equipment and other services to Elevated.

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Lesley Sampson of Ontario based Coyote Watch Canada says she doesn't believe the tournament is really about controlling the coyote population.

Sampson says that because coyotes are pack animals, studies have shown that such hunts can hurt the social structure of the packs. She also questions the ethics of the contest.

The organizer of an annual coyote hunting tournament in Alberta says the competition will go ahead this weekend, despite protests from critics who say the contest glorifies killing animals.

Paul says that in the first year of the tournament, fewer than 10 animals were killed. Last year, the contest netted 13 animals. This year, about 50 participants are expected.

"There are so many, we can't count them. We know the population is healthy, they're everywhere we see," says MacDonnell.

The DKD Coyote Tournament will hold its fourth annual competition this weekend in Lac Ste. Anne County, about 100 kilometres west of Edmonton. The contest challenges two person teams to hunt and kill as many coyotes as they can in one day, and awards prizes to the teams who return with the most kills.

MacDonnell says the tournament is not a concern because the coyote population in the province is not under threat.

"(They use) guardian dogs, electric fencing, hazing, donkeys and lights or other forms of chemical deterrents in combination to teach coyotes," she says.

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Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development spokesperson Duncan MacDonnell says, while this is the tournament's fourth year, this is the first year they've received complaints about the event.

"When we glorify killing at that level, where there are prizes for the largest coyote, the smallest coyote, the mangiest coyote I mean really, it leaves a bad taste in most people's mouths," she says.

"Ninety per cent of farmers will take care of coyotes as needed all year long," he told CTV Edmonton's Dave Ewasuk.

The organizer of the tournament, who only wants to be known as Paul, says he has personally received threats from animal rights activists over the tournament. He says he doesn't understand why the event is so controversial given that Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Outlet Nz farmers regularly kill coyotes.

The hunt is perfectly legal. The Alberta government says residents are permitted to hunt coyotes without a licence throughout the year on land to which they have been given the right to access.

"It's not about helping the neighbour; it's just about killing a lot of coyotes in one day," she told Ewasuk by phone from St. David's, Ont.

Shelley Alexander, who researches carnivore conservation and human wildlife conflict at the University of Calgary, says hunts like this tournament have been outlawed elsewhere. She says that in Australia, farmers have found alternative to culls when animals threaten their livestock.

Alberta coyote killing contest going ahead

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Brooklyn Clothing Co. owner Jason Overbo says he was initially on the side of the protesters, but once he started to do his own research on Canada Goose, the story began to unravel.

problem with this is that people regard coyotes as pests, but they are apex predators and an essential part of the ecosystem and are indigenous to North America. Goose says on their website that they use coyote fur because the animal is considered a pest.

Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Coffee New Zealand

Protesters have been demonstrating on Fridays and Saturdays with large placards sometimes featuring graphic images of animal cruelty and performing live simulations of being tortured in a leghold Men Canada Goose Borden Bomber Coffee New Zealand trap.

Goose is under ridiculous scrutiny, everyone watching them; the press, the public, and protesters. They have to be careful, and I believe that they are, but who checks the protesters? says the way the group is conducting the protest is turning people against them.

are 600 dollar jackets, the kind of people who are buying them, are buying them for status symbols, says Lui. are really trying to get through to them that this is causing extreme suffering for the animals and for each jacket, there a dead coyote, sometimes two, depending on whether or not they used two pelts, and it completely unnecessary. says they originally tried to start a dialogue with the store owner but felt they had to turn to demonstrating outside the business.

info began to unravel from the beginning. They are telling outright lies, and they have no problem with it, they have no issue about saying anything. They have horrific photos and these horrific images, and they are connecting the dots to Canada Goose but it simply not true. says the company is one of the most socially conscious companies that he deals with.

The Vancouver Animal Defense League says on their Facebook page that their protests influenced multiple Vancouver area businesses to remove animal abusive products in the past, including fur, shark fins and foie gras. says Hills of Kerrisdale and Grouse Mountain have stopped selling Canada Goose jackets with fur trim due to pressure from the group and the public.

Tammy Lui of theVancouver Animal Defense League says the store Canada Goose brand jackets with fur trim are causing unnecessary suffering to animals.

originally started a conversation by going into the store, but he disregarded us, we provided him with info, and he said he would get back to us, but he brushed us off. So the logical next step was a protest, to try to pressure him into making this decision, says Lui.

Animal rights activists target Yaletown boutique for selling fur

have chosen to use coyote fur because it is highly abundant. In fact, in many regions of North America, coyotes are considered a pest as they attack livestock, endangered prey species, pets and sometimes people, reads a statement on the Canada Goose website.

They say they have collected over 230 signatures in support from multiple passersby during their last three demonstrations.

are out there, we are raising our voices, and we are trying to get people to boycott, says Lui.

noise, you can hear them four blocks away, it crazy. store and enough is enough already. I been woken up on numerous occasions by the protestors on weekends over the past two months, including over the holidays. I respect their right to protest, but I believe they made their point. I fact, they are starting to seem petty. They petitioned and the store owner didn cave (good for them) and now they won let it go. reads the post from Taylor.