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´╗┐Annual bird count set for Shelburne

In addition to tracking bird populations and seeing if there are any surprise species in the area, the Nature Conservancy of Canada uses the event as an indicator on how effective the South Shore bird sanctuaries are working.

Birders of all levels of experience will be involved. At this time of year, the following types of birds can be seen in the area: Canada goose, black duck, harlequin duck, which is a species at risk, and some shorebirds like dunlin and killdeer. Last year, 2300 birds were identified, including 62 different species.

"We look forward to a strong turnout this weekend of people, and hopefully birds to see! If it werent for volunteers, the Nature Conservancy of Canada wouldnt be able to achieve our conservation and stewardship work. We see many people who put time and effort to help NCC on a regular basis and we appreciate it. This is our final event in the Atlantic provinces for 2015 and we want to give a big thanks to people and communities for their support," said Doug van Hemessen, Nature Conservancy of Canada stewardship coordinator in Nova Scotia.

The data collected during this event helps the Nature Conservancy of Canada Men Canada Goose Manitoba Jacket Black Nz Online and Bird Studies Canada track birds and trends of the use by waterfowl in the designated Port Joli Important Bird Area.