´╗┐Agony of goose trapped in fishing line From Lancashire Telegraph

It is feared the goose may Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Black Nz Sale lose its right leg if it cannot be reached and the Friends of Bold Venture Park group have reminded visitors that fishing in the park is banned.Julie Manton, secretary of the Friends, said: "We'd prefer people not to fish in the lake because of the harm that can come to the birds and there is a sign up saying 'No Fishing'."There are ducks and ducklings, geese and Canada geese there now."The RSPCA has been out twice to try to capture it and a couple of us from the Friends tried to catch it on Friday and three others tried on Saturday but it's so spooked now it just flies into the"The problem is that the blood supply to the leg is being cut off and it might lose its leg."Eileen Bentley, 57, of Manor Road has been feeding the goose and has tried to catch it, without success. She said she often saw illegal fishing last summer.She said: "I've seen children there and they know they are not allowed to fish. The goose can hop but its leg is now red and swollen."It was pecking at its leg the other day. It's heartbeaking."Last summer there were children there every night and it could happen again this summer although there is a sign in the water this year saying No Fishing' so maybe that will help."A spokesperson for the RSPCA appealed to residents to listen to the plea by the friends' group.He said: "RSPCA officers have been trying to catch and help the goose on the lake since May 8 but it has so far managed to avoid capture."Officers will continue to monitor the situation and hope to be able to help the bird before any more damage is done, but we would appeal to fisherman to be aware of the danger of discarding.

Women Canada Goose Camp Down Hooded Jacket Black Nz Sale